How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

    How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar in Today’s Market

    If you are considering selling your home in today’s market, you have many choices when it comes to selecting a real estate professional to assist you. If you don’t know where to turn, simply open your mailbox and look for the huge stack of postcards and mailings from neighborhood experts. Which one should you call? What questions should you ask?

    There are a number of things to consider when hiring a real estate professional to assist you with the sale of your home, and the key to selecting the right agent is asking the right questions.

    Ask these 3 questions if you want to sell your home for top dollar.

    Will you be placing my home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)? When an agent places a home on the MLS, it makes the home available to thousands of homebuyers and other agents. The increased exposure is ideal because it brings in more buyers and could lead to competition. With competition, you might get multiple offers and eventually put more money in your pocket. If you want to make less money on the sale of your home, that will be easy to accomplish. Just hire an agent that does not place properties on the MLS.

    Will you be placing my home on Zillow and other syndication sites? While real estate professionals across the nation are generally not huge fans of the syndication sites, the consumer loves them. In fact, Zillow currently has a U.S. Alexa rank of 36, which means that it is the 36th most highly visited website in the entire United States. Those are staggering numbers. If most of the U.S. is heading over to Zillow to research homes for sale, that is where you want your home to be. Seeking agents that go where the buyers are could mean more dollars in your pocket. The bottom line is, your property should be listed in as many places as possible.

    How much do you charge? You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” The same goes for real estate. If a real estate professional is cutting their fees, they are also decreasing the services provided. Perhaps the property will not be placed on the MLS or perhaps the compensation offered to the buyer’s agent will not be competitive, thus discouraging other agents working with qualified homebuyers from showing them your home. According 2012 National Association of Realtors® home buyer’s profile, the typical For Sale By Owner home sold for $46,000 less than homes sold with the assistance of a Realtor®. Of course, not all Realtors® are created equal, so be sure to ask these 3 questions when interviewing them.

    The key to selling your home for top dollar is selecting the right agent—not necessarily the agent that agrees with everything you say and everything you want to do, but the agent that will give your home the widest exposure in the marketplace. When you ask the right questions and hire the right agent, you’ll likely end up with more dollars in your pocket and a lot more exposure for your home.

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